Recruitment Campaigns for Growth

In all our work with Multi Academy Trusts, we strive to be proactive rather than reactive in our role by offering strategic solutions to place our partners in the best possible positions for future growth. As part of this, we keep in mind the latest Department for Education and Ofsted guidance, which outline key points that indicate a Trust is strong and has capacity for growth. Using this information, we support in planning campaigns and projects which help our partners to meet their short- and long-term goals. 

This includes supporting MATs in their recruitment strategies, ensuring that these are in line with DfE and Ofsted expectations. The DfE MAT Assurance Framework defines a strong MAT as having ‘a clear approach to recruiting and developing the best staff in line with its vision; staff are attracted to a school because it is part of the MAT.’ Here are some of the ways we offer support with this. 

Social Campaigns (Organic & Paid)

One of the best ways of letting potential applicants know about vacancies is through social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can all be useful depending on the target audience). We create attractive, branded graphics to support with recruitment, showcasing our partner MATs as professional, modern and desirable organisations to work for from the first impression. 

We also offer expertise regarding paid online adverts to push information about the vacancy to a wider audience, including individuals who may not be actively job seeking. Our Digital Team is experienced in identifying demographics to target through these channels, creating a large impact at a low cost for our partners. 



Social media campaigns can include more than just static graphics. Using short videos can offer more flexibility to showcase the Trust and provide further details about the vacancy. Including footage from across the Trust can be worth a thousand words, giving candidates an insight to the organisation in action. Plus, clips can include testimonials from current staff – arguably the most persuasive content for encouraging applications. Our Media Team expertly shoots and edits these videos to create outstanding, scroll-stopping content. 


Recruitment Handbooks

Capturing the attention of potential candidates is one thing – ensuring they apply is another! Once you have their interest, you can provide candidates with longer form content to give a more detailed picture of the Trust and the role. Recruitment handbooks are a fantastic way of presenting this information. They can include an overview of the MAT and its academies, its core vision and values, and a full outline of expectations and requirements for the role. This approach attracts candidates to the Trust as a whole and not just to an individual academy, demonstrating sophistication and readiness for growth. 


Mockup of a recruitment brochure on a blue background

Recruitment Portals

We all know that, when applying for jobs, ease and accessibility of the application process are important factors. We facilitate the creation of online recruitment portals for Trusts, which act as central hubs for careers information. From details about working for the Trust to vacancy postings and key documents, these portals allow candidates to access everything they need in one place, making the application process as simple as possible. Recruitment portals are also an efficient tool in ensuring a consistent recruitment strategy across the Trust, hitting those key targets for showing readiness for growth. 


Mockup of a recruitment portal website

This non-exhaustive list demonstrates some of the simple ways in which we position our partner Trusts as top choices for jobseekers, partner organisations and the Department for Education. 


If you are interested in how we can help with your recruitment campaigns and strategies, or support in showcasing your Trust’s readiness for growth, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch. 

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