Inside Engaging Education: Meet the Media Team

At Engaging Education, we pride ourselves on delivering a complete range of creative services in-house. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our amazing Media Team, who capture and edit beautiful photography and film content to showcase our partners at their very best.  

The Media Team works on the entire process of a project, from the initial idea and planning stage through to the final edit. They produce talking heads, virtual tours, drone footage, photography and more, all to exceed the expectations of our partners. 

James, one of our Videographers/Photographers says, ‘I love when I can be involved in a project from start to finish, from discussions during the planning stage to shooting and editing the footage. It’s great to see something through from an initial idea to a film which will make a real impact.’ 

Read more about the Media Team’s work and some of their favourite projects. 

Social Media Clips

These days, media is consumed in many different formats, from widescreen content on websites to square or vertical frames on various social media platforms. At Engaging Education, we understand the importance of producing materials that work across a full range of channels to create the greatest impact. 

For our Media Team, this affects not only how they edit the footage, but also how they capture it in the first place. Our Videographers work with the final product(s) in mind and frame shots to ensure that our Video Editors can make the most of them irrespective of the intended platform.  

For one of our Video Editors, Tom, social media edits are a favourite type of project. ‘I often find video projects for social media the most enjoyable to work on, particularly if there’s scope for some creative freedom,’ Tom says. ‘Social media clips often require some serious creative solutions to tell a story or pass on information in a way that engages the target audience, keeps them interested and delivers the content quickly and clearly.’ 


Drone Footage

Our Media Director, Greg, is fully qualified to capture breath-taking drone footage while out on shoot, allowing the audience to see the school or business from a whole new perspective.  

Not only do these shots capture audience attention and add a new dimension to the films created, they also provide additional context, as Greg points out. ‘Only drone shots can fully showcase the size of a building, or its position in the local landscape. That can make all the difference in promoting it as the best place to learn or work.’ 


Whether your aim is to recruit students or staff, ‘talking head’ style interview footage is a powerful way to portray your message. We find that hearing positive sentiments from existing staff and students themselves has a significant impact on an audience and provides a more authentic feel to the end product. 

Our Video Editors combine interview footage with relevant ‘B-roll’ shots of our partner academies and Trusts in action, reinforcing the key messages of the film and really bringing it to life. 

These edits often turn into really exciting promotional films, which are Video Editor Kurt’s favourite projects to work on. He says, ‘Listening to how the Headteacher, staff and students talk about their school makes these films a delight to edit. I always look to represent the school’s atmosphere and uniqueness, and imagine prospective students watching the film with the parents/carers, becoming excited about the school they want to attend in the future.’ 


All of our Videographers are also highly skilled in capturing photography, and often two members of the team will attend a shoot at the same time in order to collect both types of media. This is a great way of ensuring that, whether we are creating digital or print materials, we have a wide range of photos and film clips to showcase our partners across a variety of platforms. 



This is just a small sample of the ways in which our Media Team supports our partners to achieve their goals. We are proud to showcase our talented and driven team! 

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