We’re a diverse team bringing together creative, strategic and educational expertise.
Our team is filled with talented, creative and professional people and we work together to deliver creative solutions that we’re really proud of. At the heart of everything we do is the drive to build long-term relationships, support our partners and keep them involved in the creative process. We’re approachable and always willing to help in any way we can. Simply put, we’re a really passionate and enthusiastic group of people, committed to making a difference in the education sector.
Our Values

We're proud of our continued growth and critical role in supporting our partners to achieve their vision, values and strategic objectives. Throughout our journey, we have consistently demonstrated a set of core values that continue to underpin Engaging Education. They represent who we are and what we believe in.

To create INNOVATIVE ideas that support and promote.

To be SUPPORTIVE to partners at all stages of the creative process.

To present and maintain a PERSONABLE but PROFESSIONAL image.

To maintain INTEGRITY whilst delivering an outstanding service.

To be DETERMINED and dedicated to delivering a collaborative creative service.

Ross Bennett

Commercial Director

BSc in Management Sciences
Ross is the Commercial Director and one of the founding partners of Engaging Education. He established the organisation as part of an after-school project during Year 10 of Secondary School, where his passion for business and education was ignited. Ross is committed to improving the life chances of young people. This is evidenced through his positions as Chair of the Hull Youth Enterprise Partnership, Vice-Chair of Governors at Goole Academy and Governor at the Freeston Academy. Crucially, Ross understands the challenges faced by academies, schools, multi-academy trusts and the people within. He has a proven track record of working alongside Principals, CEOs, Senior Leaders and students to develop and implement communication strategies – utilising a wide range of media.

Greg Bennett

Media Director

As Media Director, Greg has a proven track record with over 10 years’ experience delivering high-quality photography and video. Consequently, he is an expert in his field and within the education sector. Having helped to establish the organisation whilst still in the final years of Secondary School, Greg has grown with the business and has always taken a practical and open-minded approach to developing the service offered to all Engaging Education clients. He has been directly involved, throughout all pre- and post-production stages, in the delivery of creative media projects throughout the entirety of the education sector, from primary schools to MATs, including, but not limited to, promotional films, social media campaigns and whole trust image capture.

Imran Chouglay

Design Director

BA Hons in Industrial Design
Working as a designer around the world, from Singapore to Italy, he was lured to Wakefield as Design Director for Engaging Education and to establish them as creative specialists in the education sector. Imran has successfully branded/rebranded a number of academies, colleges and educational organisations and further implemented this with design solutions for internal and external communication of key values. He has established the core messaging for a range of multi-academy trusts, schools and education organisations, and is working as the Creative Director for National Careers Week, after being approached to become a shareholder in the company.

Emily Broome

Head of Operations

BSc Hons in Politics
Emily oversees all operations within the company and acts as a contact for clients. She liaises with individuals both internally and externally to ensure projects are delivered to a high standard to create real impact for our clients. She effectively communicates partners’ visions and aims to the in-house teams, which is reflected in a range of consistent, engaging and creative campaigns. As well as overseeing operations across the company, Emily is a key point of contact for wellbeing and maintaining the passion and enthusiasm in everything we do.

Michael Evans

Account Manager

BA Hons in Sport, Culture and Society
With over 5 years’ experience working within the marketing industry, Michael acts as a key contact for a variety of clients – managing the progress of projects and supporting our collaborative focus. He has experience managing a wide range of clients, focusing on website design and build, paid and social advertising, SEO and PR. Michael brings his experience to the table and works closely with our clients from start to finish, seeing ideas come to life with the help of our brilliant design and media teams.

Linsey Boyle

Account Manager

Linsey has been a marketing professional for over 15 years, with experience in both financial services and the public sector. She draws on this experience to work collaboratively with the whole Engaging Education team to bring clients’ visions to life. As one of our Account Managers, Linsey acts as the key contact for a range of clients, building long-term relationships and ensuring that expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Helen Law

Creative Copywriter

BA Hons in English Literature and Creative Writing
With over 8 years’ experience as an English Practitioner and a background in journalism, Helen utilises her creative writing skills to build the content for projects. Her attention to detail helps to create quality promotional pieces and digital communication. Helen’s previous career as a teacher gives her additional insight when helping to create bespoke marketing strategies for academies and schools. She has led on, created and developed original resources for a wide range of exciting clients.

Sam Keenaghan

Creative Copywriter

BSc in Psychology
Sam has a varied background, from carrying out research with children and young people, to working in marketing and publishing. All of these roles have provided opportunities to write for different audiences, such as young people, parents, governing bodies, and the media. Sam uses her range of experience to tailor written content to suit each client’s needs. Her eye for detail and flair for written communication allow her to create engaging copy for a diverse set of projects and clients.

Sally Gough

Digital Marketing Lead

BA Hons in English Language and Linguistics
Sally leads on all digital projects for Engaging Education and our clients, including managing social media accounts and websites. With a strong background in language and linguistics, Sally oversees all digital campaigns, ensuring that output across all channels is delivered consistently and to a high standard. As Digital Lead, Sally uses her expertise to develop innovative digital strategies for our partners, and analyses performance to inform future decisions and promote growth.

Niamh Duffy

Digital Marketing Executive

BA Hons in Marketing Management
With an agency background, Niamh has perfected her marketing skills throughout her time working with clients from multiple industries; including property, retail, leisure, airline and now education. Her digital knowledge and skills have allowed her to support our clients in making a real impact through social media and creating an online presence. Niamh has a strong knowledge of CMS using WordPress, Google Analytics, social media platforms including paid ads (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as well as email marketing software.

Sophie Walshe

Digital Marketing Assistant

BA Hons in English
Sophie’s previous experience working in the editorial team at Mumsnet as well as her continued interest in the education sector as a whole make her perfect for her role as Digital Marketing Assistant. Sophie keeps on top of all things digital, from community management and social media to the population and management of websites. She works hard to ensure that digital content is up-to-date and reaches the right audiences, so that our clients don’t have to.

Jade Moran


BA Hons in Multimedia Design
Jade is an essential cog in the Team EE machine and is responsible for keeping our operations running smoothly. With 12 years of experience in customer service and 6 years spent as an administrator, she is an expert in ensuring that the team and our clients have everything they need when they need it. From arranging printing and dealing with invoices to responding to general queries and signposting, Jade keeps everyone and everything organised to ensure we deliver the best service possible every time.

Roy Bennett

Logistics & Morale Officer

With an extensive career in the West Yorkshire Fire Service as Watch Commander and experience as a Road Safety Trainer, Roy is responsible for ensuring all print materials are delivered safely and efficiently via the Engaging Education van. Alongside this role, he is responsible for maintenance and keeping our team’s morale high. Roy is a skilled musician and personifies the description of a ‘people person’ – an attribute that makes him the perfect delivery man for our organisation.

James Hughes

Videographer / Photographer

BA Hons in Film & Video
With 10 years of experience in the media industry, James is involved in the entire production process – from pre-production briefs to the final edit. His creative enthusiasm is clearly evident with each project he is involved in, making him a valuable asset to the company. James has successfully built strong client relationships and delivers projects that are of the highest creative standard.

Tom Broughton

Video Editor

BA Hons in Film & Television
Specialising in video and motion graphics, Tom’s 5 years of experience in the industry make him a valued asset within the team. He has the ability to deliver creative editing solutions that help projects stand out from the crowd. Tom is incredibly enthusiastic about video editing and isn’t afraid to push the envelope at times, resulting in engaging and successful productions.

Kurt Stevenson

Video Editor

BA Hons in Media Practices
Kurt joined our team with over 3 years’ experience specialising in filming and editing for the education sector. He has experience in working collaboratively with different clients, establishing their needs and creating media that is memorable. Kurt has a keen eye for the use of colour, movement and space, allowing viewers to be truly immersed in his work. With the wealth of visual stimuli on offer, Kurt focuses on capturing attention through film that stands out.

Sam Barran


BA Hons in Graphic Design
With a passion for illustration, Sam brings his own unique style to the design team. Coming from a small design consultancy, his ability to take ownership of projects and create original content has established him as a vital part of the team. Sam has worked on many successful interior projects that have helped clients to create visually exciting environments. His forte lies in print design, resulting in engaging marketing materials.

Samantha Dyson


BA Hons in Fashion Brand Management
Joining the company with 4 years’ experience in the industry, Samantha is passionate about digital and social media trends, constantly looking for inspiration for creative concepts and innovative ideas. Her forte lies in confidently fulfilling the brief by understanding the client’s needs as well as the intended audience. Samantha focuses on branding, layout and typography – creating social media and commercial awareness.

Jake Lewis


BA Hons in Creative Advertising
Jake has extensive experience as a freelance graphic designer working around the UK as well as further afield in Europe and the USA. His degree in Creative Advertising has given him an in-depth understanding of how his designs can meet clients’ goals and engage their target audiences. This experience combined with his specialist skills in illustration and animation mean that he is able to expertly combine a range of design elements to meet and exceed client expectations.

Sarah Walker

Design Assistant

BA Hons in Graphic Design
Sarah supports the rest of the Design Team to create a variety of attractive and engaging materials for our partners. By making updates to existing materials, preparing artwork for print and creating graphics and mock-ups for social media, Sarah’s work is essential in ensuring we go above and beyond on every project. Her degree in Graphic Design and experience designing logos, branding and graphics for a range of clients make Sarah the perfect fit as Design Assistant at EE.

Beth Sparks


BA Hons in Graphic and Communication Design (Ind)
Beth completed her Year in Industry with EE during her undergraduate degree and couldn’t stay away! As one of our Designers, she helps to bring clients’ visions to life by creating exciting materials to engage a wide range of target audiences. Beth draws on her extensive experience in designing books and educational resources for children to ensure all materials she works on are both attractive and informative, fulfilling our partners’ needs every time.

Zac Walker

Graphic & Motion Designer

BA Hons in New Media
Zac uses his extensive experience in motion design to bring visual elements to life, creating engaging and exciting animated materials for a range of clients. Before joining Team EE he gained a wealth of experience across the board, creating animated content for social media, web and TV for large international clients. Zac is an expert in using motion to capture attention, inform and inspire, making him an asset to the team and our clients.

Andrew Riches


Andrew has worked in education for over 26 years, mostly in leadership roles. He has been a Headteacher as well as a CEO, overseeing the expansion of a large multi-academy trust. Andrew first worked with us as a client and has first-hand experience of the impact of strong branding and effective marketing. As an advisor, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to our team enabling us to have a deeper understanding of the educational landscape.

Kenton Robbins

Non-Executive Director

Kenton has more than 25 years’ business experience in a wide range of industry sectors, including working at Director level for two of the UK’s largest FMCG PLCs. With this experience and his specialist knowledge of Leadership & Business Coaching and Mentoring, Kenton’s advice and guidance have been invaluable in driving Engaging Education’s continued growth.

Our Story

Years before Engaging Education came into fruition, founders Ross and Greg were involved in a school-based enterprise project that was to become the start of a passion for business and education. This project saw the birth of ‘Olly and Molly’ – a story about two inquisitive characters who travelled to London. Move forward a few years to 2006 and ‘Olly and Molly’ had arrived at Middlesbrough Football Club as part of a project overseen by Ross, Greg and a number of their peers. In 2008, the pair began delivering workshops to local schools and their passion for education grew.

By 2011, Engaging Education became a registered company, delivering creative workshops to local schools. During 2013, Engaging Education welcomed its Design Director, Imran, who brought with him extensive design skills and creative ideas. The company’s summer schools were delivered to 14 schools during 2014 and proved very popular. In the same year, the company secured its first SLA with Ossett Academy, followed the year after by Goole Academy.

During 2016, Engaging Education updated its website and identity, and the creative service grew substantially. Company partnerships were developed in 2017 with the investment in National Careers Week and the work created for KCOM. This same year saw the company achieve the first, of many, Trust contracts.

Today, we’re a strong team of designers, copywriters, digital experts, marketeers, strategists, photographers and videographers with a vast range of partners and ongoing projects.