Communicating & Implementing Curriculum Intent

As a creative marketing agency that has worked exclusively within the education sector since 2011, we pride ourselves on really understanding the needs of our partners and how to place them in the best position possible to continue to thrive and grow.

When working with academies and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), we use the latest Ofsted and MAT Assurance Frameworks to guide our projects. This ensures that, in everything we do, we are focused on aligning our partners with the most up-to-date guidance and demonstrating their strengths.

One important way in which we support academies and MATs is through helping to communicate and implement their curriculum intent to key stakeholders through a variety of channels.


Whilst it’s down to academies and Trusts themselves to create their own curriculum intents, we help them to communicate their intents clearly and consistently.

Curriculum Videos

One effective way to communicate curriculum intent is through professional and engaging film content. Our Media Team captures a blend of ‘talking head’ interviews with staff and footage of the curriculum in action. This allows stakeholders to hear about the academy/Trust’s curriculum intent and see how it’s applied in practice.

Website Design/Navigation

It’s a statutory requirement that academy websites include a section on their curriculum intent and a breakdown of subjects covered. We provide support to make this information clear and easy to find, through creative copy, design and film elements. Our multisite offer also ensures that, where applicable, curriculum information is consistent across all academy websites within a Trust to demonstrate the unity of intent and expectations.

Learning Journeys

A really key element of a strong curriculum intent is clear sequencing of information, allowing students to build on their learning in a logical manner. We design learning journey documents which visualise this sequencing for all subjects. The end result is a set of attractive, branded documents or graphics which demonstrate how the curriculum is coherently sequenced to support learning.



As well as ensuring that the curriculum content is communicated clearly, we can provide a range of support to ensure that this intent is turned into effective implementation.

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers are becoming increasingly popular tools for ensuring students have all the information they need in one place. We support our partners to create booklets which contain all subject information required for that term, allowing students to revisit past topics to solidify learning and better understand links to new topics. These Knowledge Organisers are often accompanied by Self-Quizzing Diaries, allowing students to test their understanding as they learn.

Subject Displays

A strong way to reinforce learning is through attention-grabbing interior subject displays. By displaying key facts throughout the school building, academies can ensure that important curriculum information is easily accessible to students at the same time as brightening up their school environment. With a bank of existing artwork that can be branded for any Trust or academy as well as capacity to create custom designs, our team is experienced in creating effective, eye-catching subject displays.

Options Microsites

A strong curriculum should ultimately provide students with the knowledge they need to progress to their desired next steps. An important time in this process is towards the end of KS3 when students choose their GCSE options. We understand that these early choices can begin to shape learners’ futures, meaning they need to easily access all the information they need to make an informed decision. Microsites are a fantastic way of clearly displaying subject information which students can return to during the decision process. We support our partners to create sites that are engaging, easy to navigate, and full of essential information.



We know that strong curriculums aren’t all about lessons and assessment. They should also be designed to prepare young people for their next steps outside of education by developing them into well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to their communities. We provide a range of support to academies and Trusts to deliver a strong character curriculum. This includes posters, leaflets and booklets which help students to understand and develop fundamental British values.

We are proud of all the work we do to help our partners deliver the best education possible to young people across the country. Whether it’s increasing student roll, refreshing interiors, or helping to boost Ofsted ratings, we love to see the impact of our partnerships.

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