KCOM: Stakeholder Engagement (2017 – present)

KCOM is one of the longest-established providers of communications services in the UK. They are committed to engaging young people through a variety of innovative education programmes – building positive relationships with the local community and future workforce.


  • Develop an engaging, interactive and sustainable school engagement programme and mobile app product for young people across the region.
  • Consult with key business leaders at KCOM, SLT members and pupils to encompass all identified learning objectives.
  • Increase pupil knowledge of staying safe online, key employability skills, the future of technology and an awareness of KCOM through a digital and classroom delivery model.

Our role:

Development of various school, college and university engagement programmes and digital products, including focus group, policy research, conceptualisation, testing, design, production and implementation.


  • School engagement programme sign up 65% above target with 98% of learners demonstrating a substantial increase in knowledge across all topic areas.
  • 99% user satisfaction rating of KCOM careers digital product as ‘excellent’.
  • Survey of over 65 teaching staff rating the school engagement programme as ‘very good’ or above.