4 Steps to Successful Staff Recruitment

We know that recruiting the best staff for a school or Trust can be difficult. With more and more staff leaving education and a great deal of choice for those who remain, how do you stand out from the crowd as a great employer? 

Understanding your employer brand and employee value proposition are essential, internal steps. Once you know who you are and what you can offer, how do you make sure this is clearly communicated to your potential candidates? 

Here we’ve listed what we consider the four pillars of successful staff recruitment in education. 

1. Build an engaging and varied online presence

Your social media profiles are likely to be some of the first places a potential employee will look to find out more about you (or might even be where they heard about you in the first place). That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re posting regularly and putting out content that really showcases the USPs of your organisation (and definitely not only posting when you have a vacancy to advertise). 

Amongst other things, you should be posting about: 

  • Day-to-day events and achievements. 
  • Your vision and values. 
  • Your approach to staff development and wellbeing (this is even better if you can get staff testimonials!). 

Tip: Make sure to use a mix of graphics, photography and videography to keep your feed interesting.  

You should also regularly update your website and profiles on platforms such as TES and Indeed, giving potential candidates a positive and accurate online impression of your school or Trust.  

2. Prepare to advertise vacancies whenever they arise

Though live vacancies shouldn’t be the only thing you post, you should definitely advertise positions on your social media profiles when they do arise. This allows your current staff and other key stakeholders to easily share the vacancy across their own networks, broadening your potential audience. 

We recommend having template graphics ready to go. That way, you can input the key details (such as title and start date) and post them to your platforms with minimum effort.  

Tip: Use a professional, branded graphic to advertise the position on social media, and link to the full job description and details of how to apply to create a seamless process. 

3. Get your vacancy seen by the right people at the right time

While social media is a great tool for quickly and easily spreading the word about your vacancy, it’s always most effective to use a multi-channel approach to advertise that you’re recruiting. Think about when, where and how your potential candidates get their information, and make sure your details are front and centre on those channels. 

That could involve: 

  • Attending recruitment fairs. 
  • Printing materials such as flyers, banners or recruitment booklets to disseminate in the community. 
  • Creating dedicated microsites for high-profile vacancies such as Headteacher positions. 
  • Setting up paid advertisements in local press, education publications or online. 

4. Create a smooth and intuitive applicant journey

Applying for a job in education is rarely as straightforward as filling in an application and waiting to hear back. There are usually several steps, including visits to the school, interviews and DBS checks. You may need applicants to download forms to fill in, or they may be able to complete the whole process on an online platform.  

Applicants can learn a lot about you from how you run your recruitment process. Make a strong impression by prioritising communication, transparency and professionalism. 

You could do this by: 

  • Providing guidance on the steps and timelines involved in applying. 
  • Creating engaging recruitment booklets outlining the role, your organisation and how to apply. 
  • Keeping all recruitment information in one place through a dedicated page on your website or external portal. 

If recruiting staff is a top priority for your school or Trust, we can help. We can support you to build a positive online presence and create attention-grabbing materials that will attract the best candidates. 

Get in touch to learn more.