Inside Engaging Education: Meet the Motion Designer

At Engaging Education, we’re all about creating exciting content that makes a real difference in people’s lives. Over the past 10 years, we’ve built a team that believes in our mission and our values – that’s how we keep growing and innovating. 

Zac, our resident animation expert (that’s Graphic & Motion Designer to us), is no exception. We’ve asked him to step in and write this month’s blog to explain what’s so great about motion design. 

I ♥️ Animation

Animation lets you capture and hold people’s attention. Our attention spans are so short now, so it can be difficult to get people to pay attention for more than a few seconds. Breaking down information into chunks and presenting it in a visually interesting way gets around that to an extent, to get important messages across. 

I’m also a big fan of the flexibility it offers. You get the opportunity to present mixed media, combining photography, film, graphic design and sound into one deliverable. This is great because it’s engaging but also because it maximises the use we get out of everything we capture. Got some film footage from a virtual tour film? Great, we can reuse that in an animated map of the school. It opens up so many more doors. 

 The Early Years 

I started getting into animation after I finished school. I started teaching myself to use Adobe After Effects in my free time, and then took some relevant modules as part of my degree in New Media. But I really started developing my skills outside of lectures, through working on title sequences for Student TV and through a part-time internship I was doing at the time. 

The internship was a big turning point for me. I worked on a campaign for NHS Wakefield CCG, which ended up winning Best Non-Profit Campaign at the CIPR PRIDE awards. That’s really when I started thinking about motion design as a career. 

From there I spent some time freelancing, then working in permanent positions, looking for that same feeling that I was making a difference with my work. I worked on various commercial projects in retail and on TV. The high-pressure environments I found myself in forced me to be able to work really quickly, which was good for my workflow, but I was still chasing that feeling of working on something that made a difference to people. 

That’s when I stumbled across Engaging Education…

Me and EE 

The more I learned about Engaging Education, the more excited I was. I wanted to work on projects with a real purpose and here was a business that worked on projects for schools, young people, businesses and adult learners – all with the aim of transforming lives through education. 

I now use all those skills I’d picked up in my high-pressure jobs to engage students and promote local support. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I’m stressed, but at least I can now look at the big picture and feel happy with what I’m working on. 

I think one of the things that makes EE stand out – for the team and our partners – is that we actually work with clients to find the best solutions for them, rather than churning out whatever we’re asked for. We can use our knowledge to help shape campaigns into something that’s going to make an impact. 


Aw, thanks Zac. 

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